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My History

My Parents

Carl F. Eiberger, Jr.
My Father

Attorney Carl F. Eiberger Jr. was instrumental in protecting and preserving South Table Mountain, Golden, Colorado, the “Gateway to the Rockies.” 

He provided over 24 years of free legal work to ultimately help Jeffco Open Space purchase portion of the mesa, which resulted in saving the notable landmark. Thanks to Carl Eiberger and his tireless stewardship, visitors for many generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy its beauty.  

The top Northeast point of South Table Mountain is named Carl’s Point in honor of my father, Carl Eiberger.

At the top of Carl’s Point is a QR code that will play this video:


 Throughout the years, Carl has many featured in many articles. 


Here is a link about his commemoration on June 6, 2021, at Carl’s Point with many articles, pictures, and videos.


For more information about Carl Eiberger, here is his website that I made:

Margurette Dickerson Eiberger
My Mother

My mother, Margurette Dickerson Eiberger, held an extraordinary legacy. She is considered the “Pioneer Woman of Regis” and developed two educational games while raising four children. My mother graduated from Regis College (now Regis University) in 1957 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Social Studies with an emphasis in Education.  She is considered the “Pioneer of Regis” because she was taking night courses at first at Regis when her college professor was so impressed with her that he asked her to take daytime classes. At the time, only men attended Regis. However, my mom opened the doors for other women to follow, and upon graduation, she was one of the first three graduates.  

My mom started her teaching career in the Denver Public Schools and taught 2nd grade. She later taught high school English at her alma mater Holy Family HS and received her Real Estate License. My mom was so creative that she developed educational games which sold nationwide. The first game, Match Patch, developed phonics and vocabulary skills. The second game, State the State, can be played in twelve ways while teaching students about the states.  Along with all these accomplishments, my mom continued to teach piano in the evenings and volunteered to play the church organ and piano for thirty-five years while raising four children.

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